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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion at UWCNM

Fostering change in an equitable and sustainable way to make our workplace and community one in which everyone has an equitable opportunity to thrive and succeed. We start by recognizing, and seeking to dismantle, systemic racism and oppressions that create barriers to genuine equity, especially for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and other marginalized identities of people.

We strive for an environment in which all differences are recognized, valued, and celebrated.

For more information about our DEI initiatives, contact our Director of DEI Celia Yapita at
[email protected].


DEI United is a partnership between UWCNM and the Albuquerque Community Foundation created to support, fund, and advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices in the four counties each organization serves. DEI United identifies short- and long-term practices and solutions to help foster change leading to more equitable, racially just, and sustainable solutions for systemic change within our central NM community.

A centerpiece of the work is an initiative called
Community Conversations which invites community feedback to help inform how philanthropy can best contribute to racial equity and social justice solutions.

Help support our efforts by donating to the
DEI United Fund today.


Statement of Principle

Join us in embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion for every person in every community

The Four Strategic Levers

Team learning, organizational culture, inclusive grants and leadership

DEI Committee

A staff-led group dedicated to creating a culture of equity and inclusivity at UWCNM

21-Day Equity Challenge

Are you ready to address racial equity?

Take the Challenge

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