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Women in Philanthropy

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Women in Philanthropy (WIP) is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and encouraging women to affect change in their community through philanthropy and leadership.

Women in Philanthropy is about giving women a greater voice, about educating and encouraging women to affect change in their community through philanthropy and leadership while engaging in networking amongst women through a commitment to and relationship with the United Way of Central New Mexico. 

Membership Eligibility

Membership is extended to women who:

  • Wish to affect change in their community through philanthropy and leadership
  • Contribute to the United Way of Central New Mexico through a workplace campaign or individually, a combined household gift of $1,000 or more. 

Check out who serves on the Women in Philanthropy Council, and print out an overview to share with friends! We also have a convenient online form to nominate yourself or someone else for a council or committee position with WIP.   

Quarterly Newsletter

The WIP Quarterly Newsletter features current information about the group, upcoming events, and updates on the WIP Women's Self Sufficiency Grant Initiative.

WIP Women's Self-Sufficiency Initiative Fund        

The purpose of the WIP Women's Self-Sufficiency Iniative Fund grants is to help create sustainable systemic change in our four-county community through grants that address a continuum of services and the most pressing issues for women over the age of eighteen. The 2015-16 grants have been awarded to agencies that enhance women's employability in one or more of these focus areas:

  • Improve high school graduation rates and/or assist with GED completion
  • Provide job/skill training and/or retraining for women to secure gainful employment
  • Support transitional and/or permanent housing for women 

Meet the WIP Women's Self-Sufficiency Initiative Fund current grantees.

Donate to Support Women's Self-Sufficiency

"We" Women's Endowment

The “We” Endowment was established to ensure WIP's work in support of women’s self-sufficiency will carry on with a legacy by providing annual distributions to the WIP Women's Self-Sufficiency Initiative Fund. 

Thanks to the caring generosity of donors who wish to impact women's issues in our community, over $80,000 has already been invested as part of UWCNM's fund at the Albuquerque Community Foundation. At least $840,000 more will be added thanks to legacy gifts such as bequests, IRA beneficiary designations, and gifts of paid-up life insurance policies.

You can visit the WIP donation page now to give to the "We" Endowment. Or, you may wish to join the seven other women who have taken advantage of UWCNM's unique matching offer, wherein we double your $5,000 gift to your own endowment fund that can be part of the WIP endowment. The $5,000 may be paid in over five years, so a gift of $1,000 per year for five years will establish your $10,000 fund, named as you wish. Annual distributions from your "We" Endowment fund will support WIP Women's Self-Sufficiency Fund grants in perpetuity. Please contact [email protected] for more information about this program.

Donate to the We Endowment

    2015 Grant Celebration

    On July 23, 2015, WIP members celebrated the 2015-16 Women's Self-Sufficiency Initiative Fund grantees and honored outgoing volunteers at a vintage-themed event at the Albuquerque Country Club. The event program contains a "year in review" summary of the 2014-15 WIP Council's work and information about the 2015-16 grantees.

    WIP Mentoring Program

    Each year, WIP hosts a six month program designed to promote philanthropy and cultivate women to become community leaders. Visit the WIP Mentoring Program page for more information, or apply online today

    Fall 2015 Power of the Purse: Wrapped in Love

    Thank you to everyone who attended and made our fall Power of the Purse a success! Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about New Mexico's foster care system and participate in two fun arts and crafts activities. Not only were the activities a huge success, but many of our attendees want to do more at home this holiday season. Below are the instructions and links to where we purchased the bulk items.

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    Interested in becoming a member of WIP? Contact [email protected].