Creating a Thriving Community

We inspire community members to serve where they are needed the most.

Join the Fight and Give

Help every family and every child in our community have a stronger, brighter future.

United Way of Central New Mexico is one of over 1,200 United Ways across the country. Our core mission is to tackle systemic problems affecting the children and families of the four-county area. We have a very wide network of resources, initiatives, donors and volunteers that all work together to address the problems of the community.

A Strong Foundation for Families and Children

For us, it’s all about building a strong foundation for families and children by making sure they have access to what they need to thrive in school and build their family's stability. By providing support that will improve outcomes for all families, we’ll help assure our communities thrive and carry that success from generation to generation. We have ambitious goals, powerful strategies, and the ability to direct dollars and other resources where they will do the most good.

The challenges of our community are complex and it will take bold action to address them. We can’t do this without the help of the community and, more specifically, our volunteers and donors.

Difference-Making Donors

We have thousands of donors, including the Tocqueville Society, a group of community leaders dedicated to ensuring the continued success of our programs. Their generosity makes an incredible difference in the lives of the people we serve. By joining the Tocqueville Society, community members help guarantee that our work has a future and will continue to make an impact for years to come. Membership also grants access to a body of givers who share the values of philanthropy and community.

With the help of our generous donors and volunteers, we help the community in three ways. First, we give like-minded nonprofits the resources they need. In fact, UWCNM is the largest grantor in the state of New Mexico with $2.1 million dollars in grants given in 2020.

Caring Business Community

Second, we mobilize individuals and local businesses to take action. For example, our Workplace Giving program is one of the most impactful programs of UWCNM. Making a donation through work may be something businesses have not previously considered. However, we encourage them to join with their fellow employees to give back in an unexpectedly fulfilling way.

Addressing the Biggest Needs

Third, we provide people with the resources that they need the most. Our services – 211 Information and Referral helpline, the Family Advocacy Center and Tax Help New Mexico – connect people with information and support, enabling them to tackle challenges with tools that make a critical difference 

There are many problems surrounding our community and although we have hope, we can’t fight alone. If more people get involved, we can improve more lives. We encourage you to reach out to a UWCNM representative or to peruse our website to familiarize yourself with the many, many resources we provide to the community. United, we can change lives.

Be In the Know

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